Do you want to be one of our Sponsored Riders? Do you like traveling around the world with your adventure Motorcycle from country to country, exploring unpaved roads and meeting new cultures? Then we want to sponsor you! In return we ask for your support of our SignatureCD products, via blogs, images, videos and social media content.


Signature Custom Designs sponsors some of the best Motorcycle Riders in the world. If you want to be part of the SignatureCD sponsored riders, the more adventurous your trip is the better.

To be part of our worldwide community tell us:

  • What makes your motorcycle adventure travel stand out from the rest?
  • In what ways can you support us better than anyone else?


  • Karakoran Son65 1


    Signature Custom Designs continues to support Adventure Bike travelers across the world. Our latest sponsorship is the Karakoram Son a solo adventure traveller on Motorcycle to do around the World. He started in april 2018 from Berlin, Germany and After 25 Countries, 26000 km and 7 Months and later on Pakistan travelling around Pakistan. Future Plans are […]
    Year: 2018
    Project: Motorcycle Adventure Travel around the world. Karakoram Son is a Motorcycle Adventure Travel Project started from Berlin in Feb 2018.
  • Western Africa 2019 2020 20200125 115928

    Western Africa

    Rosario Sala is one of the most famous Italian solo adventure travel riders. Travelling from Italy almost everywhere in the world, he is now preparing for his next big trip. Trento to Cape Town. A 12.972km solo adventure travel. SignatureCD as a company that always supports adventure riders worldwide is proud to announce the sponsorship […]
    Year: 209-20250
    Website: www.rosariosala.it
  • Obiettivo Cape Town

    An 11.000 kilometers motorcycle journey for six friends will begin, passing through Africa. Wlliam Carrozza, Rosario Sala, Stefano Libardi, Giorgio Barbacori, Daniela Paoli and Fransesca Mosna, decided to combine their passion for adventure and philanthropy in order to help and support third world places by offering them medicines, books and above all love. Signature Custom […]
    Year: 2015
    Customer: Obiettivo Cape Towm
    Project: BMW R1200GS LC Adventure
  • GlobeRiders (Helge Pedersen)

    GlobeRiders® is a diversified motorcycle adventure touring and multi-media company founded by Helge Pedersen, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA.  In the elite community of today’s global explorers, Helge stands at the pinnacle of achievement, having journeyed throughout the world for over ten years on his trusted BMW R80GS. Since this initial trek around the world, Helge […]
    Year: 2014 & 2016
    Customer: GlobeRiders
    Project: BMW R1200GS LC & BMW R1200GS LC Adventure
    Website: www.globeriders.com
  • Falco Stradale

    The name of our team and the bike was named in honor of the 80 series “El Halcón Callejero” but in Italian. We are a couple that has like dream to discover the world in motorcycle, this is our history, the history of a dream, that we write km to km.
    Year: 2017
    Customer: Falco Stradale
    Project: BMW R1200GS LC Adventure
    Website: www.falcostradale.com
  • The Peaceful Race. Tales of motorcycles journeys.

    The constant passion for traveling with motorbike trying to tell all the emotions that each of us lives along the way. Renzo Ambrosini, an italian guy that always seeks his next adventure, shares his trips and experiences with the rest fellow adventure riders. Signature Custom Designs as a company that supports and applause these kind […]
    Year: 2015
    Customer: Renzo Ambrosini
    Project: BMW R1200GS Adventure

    The world known Adventure motorcycle magazine, known as ADVMoto, wanted to create a styling kit for their KTM 1190 Adventure R. The idea was to create a design that would show the rally origins of the KTM but also to be able to promote and show their brand. The outcome is a combination of these […]
    Year: 2015
    Customer: ADVMoto
    Project: KTM 1190 Adventure R
    Website: www.adventuremotorcycle.com
  • Buchephal Tours

    BUCEPHAL Tours is a motorbike tour company that is entirely customer orientated and was established with the purpose of serving the adventure riders that want to experience Europe and it’s rich and impressive history, in a unique way. Joze Pic, the company’s founder started riding as a professional motorcycle rider in the police force 20 […]
    Year: 2016
    Customer: Buchephal Tours
    Project: Ducati Multistada 1200 Enduro
    Website: www.bucephal.net
  • Obiettivo Vietnam – Rosario Sala

    Signature Custom Designs continues to support Adventure Bike travelers across the world. After Traveling throughout South America and Africa, Rosario Sala, an Italian rider with the passion for great trips, in 2017 has as a goal his arrival from Trento, Italy, to Hanoi, Vietnam. His journey will be called “Objective Vietnam” and it will pass […]
    Year: 2017
    Customer: Rosario Sala
    Project: BMW R1200GS LC Adventure
    Website: www.rosariosala.it
  • Coast to Coast

    17 countries, 10 time zones and 25.800km in total! A great Adventure for six friends from Portugal in order to test their limits and their motorbikes. An expedition for the love of Adventure. Signature Custom Designs as a company that loves adventure, is proud to announce the sponsorship of the journey by offering custom motorcycle styling kits for […]
    Year: 2015
    Customer: Coast to coast
    Project: BMW R1200GS LC & BMW R1200GS LC Adventure