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SignatureCD Winner of the 2017 Motorcycle Brand Contest Award

Signature Custom Designs is the winner of the prestigious “2017 Motorcycle Brand Contest” award held by the German design council, for outstanding performance in the stickers styling category, which focused on the basis of functionality, operability, product aesthetics and on design quality.

“It’s a true honor for our company being present with this prestigious award. Signature Custom Designs was founded 4 years ago having as a goal to offer the possibility to every adventure motorcycle rider to be unique, by expressing their personality on their adventure motorcycles through our stickers styling kits. This award for us is a reminder that with continuos work, creativity and above all passion, anything is possible” Aris Christoforou CEO/Co-founder.

Signature Custom Designs, is a family owned business and was created in 2013 based on a simple idea of how to personalize the look of our adventure motorcycles, with the notion to differentiate. It has now become a product liked by many adventure riders and rapidly spreading globally.

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